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8:18 PM Sun, Oct. 21st

Letter: Here's the facts on gay marriage

Before I express my opinion about what is commonly referred to as the gay marriage issue, let me state some obvious but important facts. Men are supposed to be sexually attracted to women, and women are supposed to be sexually attracted to men. Anyone who is sexually attracted to another person of the same sex is malfunctioning, and any sexual behavior between people of the same sex is abnormal.

These facts are made undeniably clear by the way humans are physically constructed and by the way human society works. These facts are so obvious that I would not waste any of my time debating them with anyone.

The movement to legalize marriage between homosexuals is not about tolerance. Homosexual acts are no longer illegal, and there are now numerous laws forbidding discrimination against homosexuals. Any fair-minded person has to admit that homosexuals are tolerated in this country.

Contrary to the rhetoric, this issue is clearly not about rights, either. While consenting adults have the right to engage in just about any kind of relationship they desire, there is no right to have that relationship recognized by the law. There isn't even a fundamental reason for the government to recognize marriage at all. Marriage laws were enacted to promote an obviously beneficial behavior norm and also to solve some practical problems such as identifying which adults are responsible for the support and upbringing of a particular child and to provide economic security to wives who devote their lives to bearing and caring for children. None of these reasons for government recognition of marriage apply to homosexual relationships.

The real reason homosexuals and others are promoting this issue is not to gain either tolerance or rights for homosexuals. The promotion of homosexual marriage is clearly an attempt to gain acceptance for homosexuality itself. Homosexuals and their supporters not only want to use legalized homosexual marriage as a way to persuade others that homosexuality is normal behavior but as a means to use the law to force the acceptance of homosexuality as normal behavior.

Honest people with common sense already understand this. Honest people that have a sense of justice don't support making laws to force the acceptance of abnormal behavior. Hopefully, there are still enough honest and just people in this country to prevent the legalization of homosexual marriage.

Glen Riddle