Letter: Old Valle Vista board wore blinders

Most everyone read the Miner article on Sept. 29 concerning a protest of the Valle Vista Property Owners outside the Clubhouse. What most of us did not know is: 1) That there was going to be a protest; 2) What the protest was about; 3) Who the leaders of the protest were; and 4) That there was such a self-appointed group that called themselves a "Watchdog Group."

In the article with the picture, the statement by Tom Thorsen said, "Everybody out here's fed up with what's gone on and what's happening." That is not a true statement. What is true is that most everybody out here has been fed up with what has gone on and what happened when those board members in the "Watchdog Group" were the board or on the board.

During their reign, they wore mostly blinders as to what was needed and wanted in the community by the residents. Their primary focus was the Clubhouse, what's in it, the golf course and related items. They rarely addressed the needs of the community or did what they said they would do. Here's what happened while they were the directors:

1. For years, the community had been promised a new swimming pool. That did not happen until this new board took over.

2. They raised the association dues with the statement that the water tank, which serves only the golf course, needed to be repaired. That was two years ago. Nothing was or has been done. I never saw any maintenance done at the tank since I moved here but have seen water running down the desert being wasted. We even called and let the office know that it was running.

3. In the October 2007 Valle Vista Newsletter, Beth Snyder, president at that time, listed the board's "accomplishments." Among them were:

• Employee job descriptions were established. Yet in a "Watchdog" meeting held on Oct. 2, the question was asked, "What was the Clubhouse manager's job?" The answer. "We don't know." The question was rephrased to, "What does he think his job is?" The answer. "He doesn't know." What happened to the job description that Snyder mentioned?

• The by-laws were updated. If that was done, the property owners were not contacted to vote on any changes. In fact, the Property Owners were not notified of any changes if there were changes.

• Based on what I heard at the October meeting, I doubt that the board operated by a budget that Snyder mentioned.

• Most of the balance of the accomplishments was minor or related to golf, most of which one person could have completed the work in those years.

• They are even contemplating using signs to create a disillusion of the community that they have previously stated was against the by-laws.

• There is a Valle Vista Web site, "Vallevistagolf.com" that was established when this group was in control. The intent was to keep the property owners and general public informed as to what was happening or available in the community. On the Web site, there are 11 items listed on the home page. The last three are of particular interest to the residents here. They are:

• Billboard. This was very informative but was not kept up, and it made many promises or statements which never came to pass, the last entry being February 2008.

• Minutes. This was where the agenda for meetings and the minutes of those meetings was supposed to be posted. The agenda has not appeared as was committed, and the minutes have normally been two or more months late and then incomplete, since they never gave the answers to the questions.

• Contact. This was to be a way of communicating with those on the board or their representative to answer concerns from the community. In most cases, the concerns were posted, but again, no answers by the board.

The information on the Web site can only be maintained if those responsible to furnish the information get it to Dan Hopping so that he can have it updated. That is the responsibility of the board of directors. This appears not be to happening, based on the conversation that I have had with him.

Now, let's look at the present board and what the "Watchdog Group" can't handle.

• The entrance to Valle Vista is looking good and more appealing for a community.

• The new pool that has been promised for years is finally in. There is still some direction needed in that area for proper use.

• The park has been getting considerable effort to make it appealing and useful. They have even painted the sign indicating that it is a community park.

• Less effort is being directed toward the golf course compared to the rest of the community.

• The one negative that stands out is they attempted to raise the dues again.

I'll grant that there are problems in the board, but it's my belief that they are working or trying to work together toward the betterment of the community. In doing so, they will make some mistakes and there will be misunderstandings. I don't think they need the harassment that is being generated by the "Watchdogs." Remember, they are working with the mess you may have left!

Joseph Turner

Valle Vista