Stepped up DUI patrols promised

KPD will have zero tolerance through New Year�s weekend

KINGMAN - The Kingman Police Department and the Western Arizona DUI Task Force are continuing their holiday campaign against drunken drivers.

KPD plans to increase the number of officers on the street for New Year's Eve and through the weekend.

There will be a zero-tolerance policy over the holiday, said KPD Officer Dan Spivey. Drivers caught intoxicated will be booked into the county jail with no exceptions.

The department is encouraging motorists to report any suspected drunken drivers they may see on the roadways, he said. Motorists can call KPD dispatch directly at 753-8166 or the Mohave County Sheriff's dispatch at 753-0753.

Motorists should try to get a good description of the vehicle, its driver, the direction the vehicle was traveling, and if possible, a license plate number, Spivey said.

The department will be citing motorists for moving violations, child restraint and seat belt violations, too, he said. Children age 5 and younger must be in approved child restraints.

Motorists can contact the KPD traffic squad at 753-2191 if they have questions about their child-restraint systems.

Arizona has an "Extreme DUI" offense, which creates an additional charge for drivers who are found to have an alcohol level of .15 percent or above.

And starting Thursday, a driver arrested for DUI and found to have an alcohol level of .20 percent or above will now be charged with the new "Super Extreme" DUI offense.

A first offense can easily exceed $2,000 in fines, surcharges, towing and impound fees.

Arizona has a mandatory impound law. If you get arrested for Extreme DUI, your vehicle will be towed and impounded for a mandatory 30 days.

Since Thanksgiving, the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety has reported 1,737 arrests for DUI. Of those arrests, 444 were for extreme DUI, 124 arrests were for aggravated DUI and 160 had prior DUI convictions. The average blood alcohol content was 1.52 percent, which is listed an extreme DUI.

Another 250 arrests were made for minors consuming alcohol.