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11:41 PM Thu, Oct. 18th

How can we treat animals so cruelly

I watched today, as a person picked up a dog that had been hit and left to die on Thompson. He was taking the dog to a vet because the person who hit him just left him there. Why do we treat animals like trash? We are all God's creatures. I am an animal lover and I do not understand how people can be so cold hearted.

To the person that hit the dog: How would you feel if someone hit you or your child, and left them to die? These animals look to us to take care, protect and love them. They are living beings as well. How can you look at them and say you have no use for them. I hope that there never comes a day when you need help and people just look at you or drive on by.

For the ones that take the time to love God's animals, you are the best. Keep it up, for they will love you back everyday of your life. The couple that took the dog to the vet, you are a hero for taking your time to tend to this loving animal. My hat is off to you.

Lisa Rogers