Independents foiled at polls

A large number of Independent or "other" voters showed up at the polls on Tuesday, despite or in spite of the fact that only Republican or Democratic Party members were eligible to vote in the election.

County Elections Director Allen Tempert said polling places did get requests for ballots from voters registered as Independent or "other."

A number of Independent voters who were told they were ineligible to vote in the election left the polling places. Other Independent voters asked for and received a provisional ballot, he said.

The county collected 1,227 provisional ballots Tuesday. Tempert was unsure how many of those were cast by Independent or "other" voters.

Voters who changed their address or other information and didn't notify the Voter Registration Office could have cast some of the provisional ballots.

Unofficial election data, gathered from the Election's Department Web site, shows that approximately 40 percent of the county's Republicans and Democrats voted.

According to the county, 25,332 Democrats and 39,926 Republicans were registered to vote in the election.

Approximately, 16,049 votes were cast for Republican candidates and 9,898 votes were cast for Democratic candidates.

According to the unofficial figures, Hillary Clinton won the Democratic vote in Mohave County and John McCain won the Republican vote.

More information on the election can be found on the county's Web site,

The County Board of Supervisors is expected to approve the final canvass of the vote during a special meeting at 9:30 a.m. today in the County Administration Building, 700 W. Beale.