The 'Low Intelligence Factor'

I am really amazed at the frighteningly low level of intelligence of some of the readers of this newspaper. The reaction to humor columnists is something that never ceases to provide me with a chuckle or two - an added bonus to the humor presented by the columnist.

Tom Purcell has been a widely syndicated humorist (except in a few politically suppressed counties in Pennsylvania) for quite a while now. Purcell's column regarding the sale of Girl Scout cookies was less about the sale of the cookies, or the values espoused by the Girl Scouts organization, than it was about the politically correct mindset of our country and it's representative government. Get a grip, Nicole Butler! If a stand up comic made the same statements in his routine that Purcell made in his column, you would be rolling on the floor with laughter. Seeing the statements in print gave you the opportunity to dissect them out of context, which you seemed to have performed with great distinction. But, you also have done a great disservice to the girls you are supposed to be leading, if you are in fact part of the leadership of Girls Scout Troop 1090.

By taking the position of expressing indignant outrage of the words of a humorist, you have demonstrated a narrow-minded perspective to the young girls that look to you for values. The column was humor, not an attempt to disparage the Girl Scouts. Do we really need any more political correctness than we already have?

Joe Thomas