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3:24 PM Wed, Jan. 16th

Stockton Hill needs sound planning

Mayor Byram, I was very disappointed in your rudeness when I spoke at the Call to the Public Monday night (Feb. 4) about the traffic on Stockton Hill Road. We all know we have a traffic congestion problem there - primarily during the busy hours of 7-9 a.m., lunchtime and 4-6 p.m.

I stated concerns with the Planning and Engineering departments' inability to fix these problems. If a regular citizen such as myself can see these problems, why can't "staff?" Perhaps they need to appoint some "regular citizens" to point out obvious solutions.

Mayor, you jumped on me because I helped gather signatures on a couple of referendums. You seem to think that my "group" singlehandedly made all items on the November ballot fail. There is no group in town that has 2,700 members - the number of voters who voted against all November ballot items. Those 2,700 voters evidently were concerned with the direction the city was moving.

You interrupted me and basically said because there isn't going to be a Kingman Crossing interchange in the immediate future, we won't be moving any traffic off Stockton Hill Road. Mayor, we are continuing to add businesses on Stockton Hill Road - so traffic is only going to get worse, whether we have an interchange at Kingman Crossing or not.

Stockton Hill Road is a mess because the city's Engineering and Planning staffs haven't figured out how to keep traffic moving along during the busiest times of the day. The two examples I made before you interrupted me talking about apples (Kingman Crossing interchange) when I was talking oranges (solutions to traffic congestion) were to put right-turn lanes on both Stockton Hill Road and Airway intersections. When the Smith's gas station was built (approximately three years ago), there should have been a right-turn lane at that corner. If there was, drivers in the right lane continuing north on Stockton Hill Road wouldn't make all the cars behind him/her wait until a green light to turn right on Airway. Three years ago, we already knew we had a traffic problem. And, to make the congestion worse, we just allowed a strip center on the northwest corner of Stockton Hill (across Airway from Walgreens) and didn't demand they put in a right-turn lane going west on Airway.

Doesn't anyone down there ever learn from their mistakes?

A year ago you stated in an Miner article that you were proud at how Stockton Hill Road was being maintained. Well, it isn't being maintained very well when "staff" can't even figure out that right-turn lanes will ease up traffic congestion.

One of the old business items the Monday before last was with Kaplan Co. basically telling the city how much money we need to pay them for right of ways on Airway and how much less in impact fees they will pay for the strip center they are finishing. When these development companies come to town, shouldn't we tell them what needs to be done for the good of the city or tell them to put their center somewhere else - then watch them back down and agree to our terms?

I spoke to Councilman Tom Carter after Monday's meeting who said he had recommended a right-turn lane onto Airway, i.e., the south-bound Stockton Hill Road traffic, but his recommendation was ignored.

You seem to be so focused on creating this proposed Kingman Crossing Interchange, you are punishing the rest of the residents of the city for not seeing it your way last November. Never mind that the Diamond Avenue mess is another prime example of the "planning" going on in Kingman and the disgust the voters have with your "Band-Aid" fix of this problem on Yavapi as well.

Mayor, I have always treated you with respect whenever I have spoken at a Council meeting and believe you owe me a public apology for your rudeness at the Feb. 4 meeting. It was embarrassing and completely undeserved.