We don't need instant growth

First, thank you, Mister Wilbur.

Second, I thought Mr. Rhodes was successfully run back to Nevada. Let's all consider what will come of an instant city being placed downstream of Kingman.

Yes, the obvious, wells drying up in Golden Valley then here in our neighborhood. The addition of say 50,000 more automobiles on Stockton Hill Road. Whose idea is it to put a Lowe's next to the library anyway?

Getting to the election for mayor, consider the new I-40 interchange next to the present Andy Devine Avenue. Bill Nugent will do his best in "all of our interests" to see this happen. Why allow crowding and obvious automobile congestion? It seems like a much better idea to pursue the logical alternative three miles or so east to lessen congestion and also to create a by-pass to the airport. But, I know with the present "investments" by certain parties that this may not be possible.

It would be a great idea to stick to zoning as much as possible and allow Kingman and Golden Valley to grow individually, which is to say, without major "instant" growth.

And, as far as Mr. Nugent is concerned, he seems to be a Monica Gates on steroids.

Mike Yaboinsky