Find out about the real Monica Gates

In response to Sandra Samoska's views:

Sandra, did you ever notice how every fairy tale starts out with, "Once upon a time"? Seems like everyone in Kingman who is against growth starts out their comments about the city with, "I am not against growth, but ..." You said you were against unplanned sprawl. Are you? If you are, I would suggest you take a good long drive around Kingman, and after you have seen it all, go to Bullhead City and drive around, look at it and notice that they build streets. Notice that they have planned their growth. Notice that they get all the new stores, and those new stores rob us of a lot of our tax dollars by attracting our citizens to shop there.

You mentioned all the unpaved streets that contribute to the dirt in the air, but you may not have noticed that there are actually 18 or 19 miles of them. These are a direct result of deferrals granted to the builders long before Monica Gates came to the mayor's office.

You said Gates did not improve the city. What I noticed in my drive around the city was that the only recent improvement that was done in a planned professional manner in the last 10 years was the Airway Underpass, accomplished by Gates. If you are not aware of it, the people on the other side of the track there had been promised that underpass for well over 10 years.

You said that Monica's husband is a developer. Yes he is, and as far as I know he is the only developer who truly supported the impact fees because he felt that growth should pay for growth, not the taxpayers.

You blamed Monica for the large spike in growth that occurred two or three years ago. In that period of growth, Mohave County passed Clark County, Nev., as the fastest growing county in America. You see, it was not Gates who did that, but if you insist in blaming her for that then you must also blame Mr. Les Byram and the current Council for this recession we are in now. Right? No, it is wrong.

If you were to take the time to find out about the real Monica Gates, you would find that she is a very wonderful person and a good mother to two wonderful kids and has done a lot of good for the city of Kingman. The Gates family are great people and I am proud to have known them. Thank you.

Jim Chapman