Not a mall at all

After all the dust seems to have settled about Vestar/Vanderbilt Farms, about their great shopping center at Kingman Crossing, I just wonder if the "shopaholics" in Kingman are happy with the somewhat final plans of this "sorta" glorified strip mall that they presented? Is this what you imagined?

Seems like one quarter mile or so of a long shopping center. Won't this be fun to navigate in June, July and August in 100-degree heat, or how about a cold winter's day as we've been having? Did everyone really think that they would build a nice "enclosed mall?"

According to some early warnings that Vanderbilt didn't do this type of building - just a big block store. And, does this type of "strip mall" really need a $24 million dollar highway interchange? I wonder, when Rattlesnake just a mile or so up the road will do, as is in the plans?

Do we really need to sell the 160 acres to allow more "strip malls" or wouldn't it be more prudent to put that new high school, police station, fire station and some park areas for flood control on the 160 acres that the city owns just south of this parcel?

Maybe the next City Council will come up with some more brilliant ideas about what to do with that city land. I know I'm not going to go out of my way by four or five miles to this new mall. It seems I have everything I need close by at the moment. Thank you.

Gisela Potokar