Don't mistreat hard-working students

I am writing in the hopes that you will print an article about the "fine" college in our town. I have a problem with them, and I am sure I am not the only person this has happened to.

I have attended Mohave Community College for the last four years working on a business degree. I am a minority attending the school through strict student loans as opposed to receiving grant money. Last semester, there was a problem with student loans origination fees; they were not charged to the accounts until after refund checks were issued. No one was advised that there was a problem with their account until December, when letters were sent out stating that the account was put on financial hold. No explanation was sent with the letter. I had to contact the financial aid office to find out why my account was on hold. I was told there was no problem, that they were simply going to take the fees out of next semester's funds.

When I tried to obtain a copy of my grade report for the last semester, I was told my whole file is frozen. I cannot obtain a grade report to apply for scholarships, apply for reimbursement through my employer or for any other reason. It is wrong for the school to block all access to a student's file for a problem that the student was not responsible for. The amount of the charge is minimal, $22. Compare that to the amount of grant money that is given to students who do not attend classes after they receive it.

I feel that those of us that actually have to pay for school are being treated unfairly.

Tammi Giratas