Extra rights for gun toters

In response to Karen Harvill's letter on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008, titled - "I will continue to defend all my rights," I am glad to hear that. But as the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. I have had discussions over the right to carry a gun with several people in the past who carry guns and it always ends the same way. I am supposed to shut up because the law allows them to carry firearms. Well, what about my free speech rights? I always thought I was equal with gun carrying citizens, the only difference being I choose not to carry one. Most gun carrying folks I have encountered don't want to hear my side or my opinion, but they want me to listen and honor theirs.

I just happened to drive away from Walgreen's Drug Store the morning the sidewalk was crowded with folks in support of Ron Paul. While waiting for the traffic light to change I saw a lot of folks on all four corners of the block waving the flag and speaking to others in support of Ron Paul. When the light turned green I had to wait about 20 seconds before I could cross. Two of Ron Paul's supporters, one carrying a flag, stepped off the sidewalk and walked north to the other sidewalk without looking to see if they had the right to cross at that time. But that is OK, right? They have the right to do so because they are armed. I would call that a form of intimidation. As far as guns are concerned, no gun ever scared me, but some people who carry them do scare the hell out of me. This gun control business has gotten out of control. The cause of it getting out of control is the National Rifle Association. They believe it is okay to carry an AK47 or whatever gun they want to anywhere anytime and the Constitution allows them to. There are very few members of this organization who can explain just what our early forefathers meant when they framed that wonderful document.

You told Mr. Rose that your group means no harm to him. How do you know that? Can you read everyone's mind? It only takes one bad word, one insult or one incident to turn someone into a killer in this country.

Yes, the law allows a person to carry a gun if they meet the requirements of our laws, licenses, permits, etc. I stand ready to defend your right to do so. But remember, you cannot pick and choose what part of the Constitution you want to live by. All of it must be defended at all times.

Wilfred Bitgood