GV Auto Sales and Repair vows quality and integrity

If ASE certification is at the top of the list of priorities, Golden Valley Auto Sales and Repair should be right up there, too.

Ron Ang is the repair department manager. He's also the one with master certification in Automotive Services Excellence.

"To be master certified, you have to pass eight tests, all in different areas of automotive repair," Ang said. "We can fix broken engines, electrical systems, just about anything that goes wrong with your car. We might look like a shade-tree garage, but we have some very expensive, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment."

Depending on the warranty, Golden Valley Auto Sales and Repair can even do some of the work specified by a vehicle's warranty.

Ang has 10 years experience in his chosen field. Working with him are General Manager Nathan Garza, son of owner Alex Garza, and sales Manager Paul Blake.

"We were friends before we decided to go into business together. We have all lived here in the valley for quite a while. Nate has lived here for 20 years. Paul and I have both been here for about 10 years, and we all knew the community needed a good, reliable place to take your car for repairs or to buy a good used car. So, we considered buying a property here in the valley and starting our own business," Ang said. "Nate's dad liked the idea, so he bought this place and we put the business here. We've been here for about a year and a half, and we're starting to outgrow it. We'd like to move to a bigger location."

Near the top of the trio's to-do list is getting a more noticeable sign to draw attention to their business.

"We have a great location right here on Highway 68, but people tell us they didn't even know we were here. We definitely need a better sign," Ang said.

Blake's goal is to keep about 10 good used cars on the lot at all times. He's been buying cars for 15 years and knows what he's looking for.

"We're pretty picky about the cars we sell. We won't buy any older than 10 years. Sometimes we sell several in a row and we get low on inventory, but that's when I go out and find more," he said.

When the cars arrive, Ang gives them a thorough inspection.

"We inspect the brakes, make sure the tires are good and change all of the fluids," he said. We don't just buy them and throw them on the lot. We've even rebuilt gear boxes. We make sure every vehicle is safe to drive."

"We want to sell cars, not problems," Blake said.

Ang said he has several elderly customers, including faithful senior women who regularly bring their cars for service.

"When we service their vehicles, we will point out things that will need service in the near future, but we don't invent things to do just to make a few extra dollars. We take pride in being honest and reliable. We want to make a living, but we also have to be able to live with our conscience when we go to sleep at night."

Golden Valley Auto Sales and Repair also sponsors a BMX bicycle racing team.

"Our children are in this photo with the trophy," Ang said, indicating a photo of a group of smiling children. "All of us are friends.We know what to expect from each other and we make sure to go the extra mile, not just for our customers but for each other, because we care about each other and the people we serve."

For business hours or more information, call 565-3110.