Letter: Reader criticizes Franks for NAFTA

Regarding the article, "Mexico, Canada, United States to Meet Here," printed June 25, our very own Representative Trent Franks has refused to admit the North American Union exists for quite some time now. Mr. Franks has supported any and every trade agreement that has been put before him, even at the peril of American jobs, meanwhile ignoring the protests of his constituents.

During a town hall meeting over a year ago, several citizens pressed Franks for answers on why he supports the NAFTA and NAU, among other vital issues. Instead of confronting this concern head on, Franks only asked for hard proof. When one constituent presented him with documents obtained by the Freedom of Information Act proving the NAU has been in the works for several years and pressed Franks further, his only response was that he would take a look at the documents.

Now Mr. Franks no longer holds face-to-face town hall meetings, instead choosing to have conference calls with non-confrontational voters where he is in control over the contents of issues brought before him.

Is it getting too difficult for Franks to look his informed voters in the eyes and too risky to have reporters listening to his answers? I, for one, am sick of being fed a line of bull only to have the truth right in front of me - NAFTA superhighway.

What is puzzling is Franks co-sponsored House Concurrent Resolution 40, which expresses a sense of Congress that the United States should not engage in the construction of a North America Free Trade Agreement superhighway system or enter into a North America Union with Canada and Mexico. Yet Mr. Franks still denies its existence in a recent "canned" letter to me.

Franks had better face the truths coming before us and do something about them or else face losing his job to someone who will confront these vital issues head on.

Contact Franks at: http://www.house.gov/franks/contact.shtml or https://www.trentfranks.com/page3ca5.html?id=53 or trent@trentfranks.com or Congressman.Trent.Franks@mail.house.gov

To join a group that works tirelessly to stop the NAU, keep American freedoms and preserve the Constitution, go to the Mohave County Citizens for Constitutional Freedoms at http://ronpaul.meetup.com/147.

Dawn Wilson