KRMC earns 5-star rating

Kingman hospital excels in

Kingman Regional Medical Center has earned five stars for its financial performance.

The hospital was recently given a five-star rating, and it placed in the top 20 percent of 2,939 acute-care hospitals in Cleverly & Associates' Community Value Index "State of the Hospital Industry 2008 Edition."

"The doctors, nurses and other professionals at KRMC focus every day on providing first-class health care to our patients, and I am delighted to see them receive this hard-earned recognition," said Brian Turney, CEO at KRMC.

The Community Value Index is composed of nine measures that assess a hospital's performance in the following areas: financial viability and plant reinvestment; hospital cost structure; and hospital charge structure.

The idea is that a hospital provides the most value to its community when it is financially stable, invests in itself, maintains a low cost structure and reasonable fees.