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6:04 AM Fri, Feb. 22nd

Letter: Gun freedom must be defended

Gun freedom must be defended

I must respond to the column by William Collins in the May 29 Miner. That was a direct attack on the Second Amendment and all law abiding citizens.

First, this Collins fellow thinks anybody wanting to own a gun has a brain disorder. Second, he thinks our Constitution is unfortunate. The words I have for him at this point can't be printed, so I'll stick with "yutz." Third, our archaic rules led to 29,000 deaths nationally; there is no mention of the estimated 100,000 times a year that honest citizens defend themselves and others with their legally owned guns. Fourth, this Mr. Collins claims other nations permit far fewer guns, preventing tragedies like Columbine, Virginia Tech and other massacres. Let us not forget that all of these horrible events happened in gun-free zones. When was the last time that you heard of some whack job going into a gun store or a range to kill innocent people? Never, because they prefer a risk-free environment.

Fifth, Britain, Australia, and other countries used to have high citizen firearms ownership, but the governments did away with that right. They have since seen a 70 percent increase in violent crime across the board. Sixth, owners are supremely organized and well funded. We have to be to defend ourselves from people like Mr. Collins.

There is one more thing I must address. Mr. Collins claims that law abiding gun toters provide political cover for crooks and drug dealers. This is a lot like blaming flies for garbage.

The real problem is liberal judges and a revolving door justice system. No one pushes harder for enforcement than the NRA and we gun toters. Giving guns a finger print or numbers to bullets will do nothing to deter crime. Harder and longer sentences for criminals will. Crime control, not gun control!

Mr. Collins is entitled to his opinion no matter how wrong it is. We as citizens must always stay vigilant and never let false and misleading letters or columns go unchallenged. Our weapon of choice should always be the truth and fact. Of course, no true anti-gun activist has ever let a silly thing like truth and fact get in the way of there foolish dribble.

Donald Stultz

Co-Chair, Mohave County Friends of NRA