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6:52 AM Thu, Jan. 17th

Letter: Heroes are all around us

Heroes are all around us

I was asked to write something for a flag raising for the Fourth of July. Even though my husband and I are still suffering from the loss of our only child, we love our country and feel we should all thank those who give to protect our freedom.

We are reminded of the heroic men and women who serve their country in times of war and peace on the day of celebration of our independence.

I come from a very heroic family. My father was a prisoner of war at the Battle of the Bulge, my brother was wounded in the Vietnam War, my husband is a disabled veteran of that war as well, and my son served in Desert Storm.

My father was awarded the Silver Star and many other commendations. My son is no longer with us. He went into the military as a beautiful, bright young man right out of high school, and he came back from Desert Storm a different man. He is one of the many returning veterans who have taken their own lives because of what they have seen there and could not cope with at home.

I have sacrificed for my country as well as many that stay at home do. I lived all over the world as an army brat growing up with my military father. I lived through my brother coming home crippled for the rest of his life from wounds he had received and went to many funerals of my friends who were killed in action. I have lived with my husband of 38 years and shared in all the suffering he has endured from his war experience as well as the war-related illnesses he has to be treated for now. I lost my son because neither the VA nor I could help him deal with what he went through during his time of service.

As we celebrate the Fourth of July weekend, let us not forget the active military, but also the families that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Let us remember the fatherless children, the widows, the mothers and fathers who have lost their sons and daughters, and all of the Americans, past and present, who have fought for our independence and freedom. Let us remember the pride we have in our country and flag.

Let us not forget that we are a proud people who will stand together for freedom for all who desire it. We might disagree on many issues but we stand behind all those that have chosen to fight for our freedom and the freedom of all people.

We come together today as one country undivided to remember, to celebrate the cost of our freedom and to thank all who have made those sacrifices to keep us free.

I love my country and I have made sacrifices as many Americans have. Our country was based on freedom and rights for all Americans. Every day, we are reminded just what sacrifices we make to keep this country free and united. Our flag is our symbol of freedom for all Americans. I am now and have always been proud to be an American.

We stand united and come together to celebrate today with pride in our country and for freedom for all. God Bless America and all Americans who are serving now and have died to keep us free today and always.

Nancy Jo Towry

Daughter, Wife, Mother and Proud American