KAOL student places at FBLA Nationals

Facing approximately 7,500 competitors, a Kingman Academy High student took home national recognition.

Chris Pereira, a 2008 graduate, placed sixth in the nation in personal finance at the Future Business Leaders of America National Leadership Conference.

"At the awards session, we had already passed the other events our students were in when they called personal finance," said B.J. Suchowierski, advisor for the team in a news release. "They called the finalists in random order. They had called nine people before they got to Chris. It was stressful wondering if our school had placed in something."

Each state can bring three people to compete in each event. The students are given 50 minutes to complete 100 multiple-choice questions. The top 10 students in each event are awarded for their efforts.

"I really didn't have any expectations going into nationals," Suchowierski said. "Yes, I wanted to do well, but its nationals, so all you can do is hope your students prepared themselves and do the best they can."

Kingman Academy High sent 10 students to the conference in Atlanta from June 24 to 30. With their highest representation ever, the students joined the 175 members of the Arizona delegation.

Pereira was joined by fellow 2008 Kingman Academy High graduates Rachel Bracket, Susan Pierce, Cotey Noble, Michael Ray, Nicole Izaguirre, Hiba Khan and Kate Lacaze and juniors Charlie Pierce and Hannah McBride.

"I am proud of Chris and all the other students who attended nationals to represent the state of Arizona, the city of Kingman and our school in a respectful way," Suchowierski said.