Town Hall Meetings

They will be available for questions and answers from the public. I am happy to know that from our quarterly meeting with Mohave County, ADOT and the City of Kingman that the Traffic Interchanges proposed on the five-year plan (2013) where the City of Kingman has entered a 30/70 funding agreement is secured to date. I specifically asked an ADOT official if our projects would ever run the risk of being bumped from the five-year plan. The response was, "No, that has not happened in the past as far as I know, that is pretty much a commitment from ADOT to do the project."

In response to several comments that I have received in reference to tossing RAID under the bus, I have this to say: It was never my intention to toss anyone anywhere. RAID has expressed to me that they would still like to facilitate the Town Hall Meetings as part of their efforts to put forth a positive light on the community with respect to their involvement. They no longer wish to moderate the meetings or to plan the topics of discussion. They stated to me that they would like to get the building for the events and provide the PSAs from the media.

For those of you who have attended the last four meetings, I feel that they were very productive and provided a way for the public to voice their opinions in an informal atomosphere. I would like to continue these meetings and provide my services to moderating them. I will ask other Council members to conduct these meetings from time to time on a voluntary basis.

We are still awaiting some news from V&V as to when they might get the wheels turning or what their intentions are. We are awaiting a proposal. I am hopeful. We do know that there is a problem with the ingress/egress plans from Kingman Crossing Blvd into phase one of the shopping center. We will attend a hearing next month concerning that issue in front of the State Transportation Board. V&V would rather not have the sole entrance and exits from Santa Rosa into phase one. I will inform all of you as events progress.