Letter: The truth will keep you unemployed

I wonder what kind of world we live in that truth will only bring you rejection. Employment is very hard to find here in Kingman. It is even more frustrating when telling the truth will only bring you rejection. I applied to a major company online recently.

After filling in the general information, I was asked to answer 40 simple questions. After about 20 minutes, I completed the questions. A message popped up on my screen saying that the answers I provided disqualified me from receiving the job. The questions ranged from real-life situations to self-evaluating questions.

Apparently, because I am human and I sometimes hold grudges and sometimes need a little push to get started working, I do not qualify for a sales position. This makes me wonder, if I tell them what they want to hear, in other words, lie, would I have a better chance at getting a job.

Well, no job is worth compromising my ethics. I guess this is a world in which the truth will not set you free, in fact it won't help you at all. Benefit will come from lying. A world that creates liars.

Daniela Ramirez