Letter: Thank you to all who helped out HALT and Mutt Matchers

This is a thank you to all of you who donated pet food, supplies, cages, kitty litter, etc., at Christmas time to HALT and Mutt Matchers. Also to Petco who was kind enough to accept the food for the animals. It was a real success, and just think of how many animals were probably saved because of the thoughtfulness of so many people.

As time has passed, yard sales have been held on the animals' behalf, which takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the individuals who sponsor these sales. Thank you to you as well.

Now that summer is here, we hope that you can extend your kindness once again. These animals were deserted in the desert, on the streets, in peoples' yards and, yes, even trash cans and Dumpsters. Their plight is through no fault of their own but of the cruelness of humans.

Please help again by providing some pet products, especially food, for the HALT effort. Also, a new building is to be erected for HALT to be able to better protect all of these animals.

Thanks to the group involved in that project as well.

Please mark your donations with a marker indicating the group you would like to receive these products and deliver them Petco. You will be blessed, as these are all God's creatures, and they cannot survive without our help. Thank you.

John and Sylvia Farinelli