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12:30 AM Tue, Nov. 13th

Letter: Slant-drilling is the solution

Even with all of this energy-shortage creation by despots and world governments, everyone seems to have forgotten the "straightforward" technology of slant-drilling. It seems to me that this might be the solution to preventing oil spills in some coastal areas - providing that we don't have to drill through fresh water reservoirs or natural gas deposits on the way to the offshore oil fields.

I remember walking barefoot on the beach north of Santa Barbara in the late 1960s and finding sand deposits stuck to my feet with black, sticky tar from the offshore drilling rigs. It was a sickening feeling that left me wondering if our beaches would ever be the same again. One of the most carefully guarded secrets about the cause of the first Gulf War is that Saddam was furious with the Kuwaitis because they were slant-drilling under Iraq and stealing his oil. So, his attack on the Kuwait Emirates in the early 1990s was probably his attempt to stop the theft. And he certainly got no help from us in that cause, did he?

I wonder why we can't use the same technology to get at offshore oil in such a "slick" way that people in our coastal communities would hardly know where the oil was actually coming from.

Norman Swartz