Board to mull Pravada, Dolan Springs prison

KINGMAN - Rhodes Homes master planned community in Golden Valley, Pravada, goes before the County Board of Supervisors at its regular meeting at 9:30 a.m. Monday at 700 W. Beale St.

In an open public hearing, supervisors will consider three requests by Rhodes - two requests for minor amendments to the Mohave County General Plan and Golden Valley South Area Plan and a third request for the adoption of a specific zoning plan, which includes a development agreement, development standards and land division regulations.

If all goes as Rhodes has hoped, the land north of Shinarump Drive between Adobe Road and Amado Road, and land south of Shinarump and north of Aquarius Drive between Yuma Road and Tombstone Trail, will be rezoned from A-R/36A (agricultural-residential/36-acre minimum lot size) for varying proportions of residential, neighborhood commercial, general commercial, commercial recreation, general manufacturing, parks or town center use.

Supervisors will also conduct an open public hearing to consider the County Planning and Zoning Commission's recommendation to deny a general plan amendment and rezone of land west of Highway 93 between Fifth and Seventh Streets in Dolan Springs from A-R/36A (Agricultural-Residential/Thirty-six Acre Minimum Lot Size) to M (general manufacturing).

The rezone request, which had been brought to P&Z by Gateway Lots LLC, would pave the way for a potential correctional facility and heavy construction yard in the area, a proposal that led many residents to vociferously speak against the idea at the May 14 meeting.

Packed among the 41 items on the consent agenda, the proposed boundary for the U.S. Highway 93 Corridor Area Plan will go before the Board as well. If passed, the new boundary would extend from the Lake Mead National Recreation Area to the city of Kingman's west corporate boundary and from the city's east corporate boundary to the Yavapai County line, encompassing approximately 430 square miles in White Hills, Dolan Springs, Golden Valley, Kingman, Cedar Hills, Windmill Ranch and Wikieup.