Gates is the right choice again for mayor

It is my opinion, along with other Kingman residents, negative letters regarding Monica Gates who was our mayor years 2004 to 2006 keep getting published!

Gates has four years experience on the Kingman City Council and two years experience as our Kingman mayor. Monica had a vision for the future and has done many good things for Kingman when she was mayor.

What has happened these past two years has been an embarrassment to our community. Our City Council meetings are out of control with the exception of a few Council members who kept calm! Name-calling, rudeness? "Call to the Public" was placed at the end of the City Council meetings. Our water wells being auctioned off because of Kingman being caught in the middle of a dispute by developers?

I applaud all of you who threw your hat in the ring and want to be elected to be part of the new City Council and to you Monica Gates for running to become Kingman's mayor once again. Someone has to take control and get us moving in the right direction! Please visit and read all about Monica Gates, as she is a proven leader and has the time and energy.

Rachel Thalrose