Congregation Or Midbar

The Reform Jewish Congregation Or Midbar will continue having the monthly Friday evening services at the home of Jerry Lipson its president.

There will be an Oneg Shabbat where refreshments shall be served at the conclusion of the services.

There are several new members who have joined and are attending services. We welcome them and any others who would like to participate in the monthly service.

The congregation's Board of Directors shall be meeting on April 6, 2008 at 12:00 noon at the home of Burt Dubin. All members and prospective members are invited to attend this meeting where the discussion will center around the preparations for the Passover Sedar which will be held on April 20th at the Heidenreich Center on Airway in Kingman.

Though small, the congregation welcomes all Jewish sects whether orthodox, conservative, or reform to join in the services. Regular services are conducted monthly on the first Friday evening of the month. For more information call 753-5254, and leave a message and you will be contacted.

If you are new to the community and would like to interact and meet with others of the Jewish faith, come to our services or attend our Board of Directors Meetings.