Sticking up for ADOT

I have lost all respect for this newspaper due to a recent rude caption run under a picture of the ADOT workers in Kingman. There was no reason for that. It was a cheap shot and makes you look pretty sad. You need to walk a mile in these workers shoes before you start painting a picture in the mind of this community.

People want the roads fixed but they are irritated when a lane is closed to do so, or if they are held up for a short time for traffic control even if it is for an accident! They are yelled at, cursed at and treated rudely. They try to do the big stuff at night when there is less traffic but they do have to do quite a bit during the day too. People are not happy when the roads are bad and they are not happy when they are inconvenienced either. Your running something like that only makes it worse and you should be ashamed of whoever was low enough to do it. I will never pay money for this so-called "news" paper again.

Sharry Porter