Mailboxes and More provides mail service, supports troops

800 boxes: Cindy Smith and Henry Deeter provide mail delivery service at their store on Highway 68.

800 boxes: Cindy Smith and Henry Deeter provide mail delivery service at their store on Highway 68.

Mailboxes and More customers can do more than buy postage stamps and envelopes.

They can decide for themselves the more affordable choice between sending packages by U.S. Postal Service, FedEx or UPS. And they can pick up and drop off mail at the facility.

"We also have a notary," said Cindy Smith. She owns the business with her significant other, Henry Deeter.

They opened the business in February 2007, just a couple of months after the U.S. Post Office at the Maverik store closed in December 2006.

The pair had moved to Golden Valley a year earlier from San Diego, to be closer to family members in this area.

"We saw an opportunity when the Post Office at Maverik closed," Smith said.

"We also knew of so many people who had their mail stolen from their mailboxes.

"We provide people with a secure place to pick up and send their mail. No more stolen checks from your mailbox."

Locked mailboxes alongside the valley's rural roads are no guarantee the mail won't be stolen, she said.

"We have one customer who said her locked mailbox has been broken into twice," Smith said. "The thieves see the locked boxes and figure there's something good or valuable in there. Here, you know your mail is secure."

She said she and Deeter drive to Kingman every morning to get mail for their customers from the Kingman Post Office.

"We sort it when we get back here, so our customers have their mail by the afternoon," Smith said.

The store rents out its 800 mailboxes in small, medium and large sizes. Some mailboxes are still available for new customers.

Mailboxes and More is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays. Call 565-3930 for mailbox rental prices or more information.

Each new mailbox customer receives a printed sheet of address labels.

"We've learned that when we give them these sheets of preprinted address labels, they get their address right more often. There aren't as many mistakes," Smith said.

Aside from business, Mailboxes and More is helping a local woman, Dottie Chapman, start a lending library for troops stationed at a newly built military camp in Iraq. Her son, Travis M. Chapman, is stationed there.

"Travis can't tell me where he is exactly but he's in a new camp. There isn't much there yet," Dottie Chapman said.

"They have the women's part of the camp done and they're starting on the men's. My son said he thought a library would be great. It would give them something to do."

He told his mother he'd rather be bored or busy than scared. The library would offer a welcome distraction from the war, she said.

Mailboxes and More is collecting books, puzzles, board games, playing cards, hand-held video games and various holiday decorations, as well as cash donations to pay for shipping the items overseas.

"I started this with my bingo club," Champan said. "We've been collecting items for two or three weeks. And my daughter in Oregon is an instructor with Job Corps. They're helping, too."

Chapman said she has approached the two service organizations in the valley. Both are taking the matter to their membership and will let her know what they decide.

Those who would like to ship items directly to the budding library in Iraq can send them to Capt. Troy Fisher, Attention: Operation Blade Runner Library, BCO 64th BSB 3 BCT 41D, Unit 6068, APO AE 09378-6068.

For more information, call Chapman at 565-2620.