Letter: Ace is aces with customer service

I enjoyed your editorial of March 16. However, I must say you are far more forgiving of bad service than I am. I am not writing though in regards to bad customer service. Quite the opposite!

I wish to bring attention to some very excellent service one can receive here in Kingman. Recently, I was involved in some home repair projects, one of which was to construct a dog run for my two Chihuahuas. After a visit to one establishment, which merely pointed me in the direction of their fencing materials and left me standing there, I stopped by Leroy's Ace Hardware. They not only had what I needed, they were extremely helpful in putting everything together so I wouldn't miss something and have to make a second trip. (I live 18 miles from town and second trips are very time-consuming.) They also helped me load it in the trailer. I have also received personal follow-up cards in the mail thanking me for my business.

In an increasingly tight economic climate and wanting the most for my money, good service is something I shouldn't have to pay extra for. A smart business owner knows that it is my money until I decide to spend it, and I don't have to spend it at a place where I'm not treated well. If I want to be treated rudely and unfairly, I can always give the IRS a call and talk to them for a few minutes.

Ace Hardware has not only earned my respect, but they have gained my future business. They will be the first stop for all my future home repair needs. Leroy's Ace Hardware, thanks for everything!

Jerry Gardner