Let's get after it!

Hi everyone. I would like to thank the Miner for inviting me to participate on this blog.

I am looking forward to keeping all interested parties informed of my endeavors during my administration as your mayor. I am grateful to the citizens of Kingman who voted for me. I am looking forward to serving you.

I would like to invite your comments with respect to issues on this particular thread.

Some Hot Topics

There are several hot topics that will be discussed and brought to resolution (or hopeful resolution) during the first few months after we take office.

Here are some of the hotties:

City Manager, Cornerstone Mission, Well sites (very soon to be resolved-bidding process shortly), Impact fees...Impact fees.....Impact fees, the old JC Penney building on 4th st. (city is leasing the building), and rezoning of a parcel of property north of airway-east of Corky Rimel's arena-east of the railroad tracks near castle rock.

I want to begin this thread with the latter. This parcel belongs to Short/Bowers. Keep in mind that I will not be able to discuss or vote on this matter during any open meeting should the issue come before me.

There is a conflict because I am related to one of the owners. So here's the deal. I want your input.

Please respond with your comments below. Tell me how you feel about that property. Should it me rezoned? Should light industrial be considered?

I appreciate your time and interest. Thank you.