Delinquency tax notices on the way

KINGMAN - For those who haven't made their second-half payment of property taxes, Mohave County is looking for you.

The deadline passed Thursday, May 1, so those who have not paid will soon receive delinquency notices from the county Treasurer's Office.

Delinquency notices should arrive sometime shortly after June 1, Treasurer Lee Fabrizio said in a news release.

If you receive a notice, Fabrizio recommends you take care of it immediately. Delinquent tax bills incur a 1.33 percent per month fee that is charged on the first day of each month.

"Some people mistakenly believed they could pay their taxes by mail with a May 1 postmark," Fabrizio said. "All payments must be received at our office by the deadlines."

There is reason for the confusion. In prior years, the Treasurer's Office has accepted postmarks on deadline, but that is no longer acceptable.

With the current lockbox system through the county's servicing bank, "the bank cannot honor a postmark," he added. "However, payments will be processed in a shorter amount of time. People now have their checks deposited in the bank within a week instead of the six to eight weeks it used to take."

The quicker process allows taxing districts to receive a better return on interest to help pay for services, he said.

The Treasurer's Office also recently changed operation hours at its satellite facilities. All Mohave County Treasurer's Offices are now open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, call the Treasurer's Office at (928) 753-0737.

"If someone has not paid his or her property taxes by Dec. 31, the property will go out to tax lien sale," Fabrizio said.