Students recognized at MCC

KINGMAN - Kristiea Jones received the Campus President's Award from Mike Ford, president of the Kingman campus of Mohave Community College, on April 25 during the annual Student Recognition Luncheon.

The Campus President's Award goes to the campus' top student and was among roughly 90 awards presented.

Elijah E. Brown and Catherine A. Nowicki were presented awards for being chosen to the All-Arizona Academic Team and to the Alpha Chi Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

PTK received Pinnacle Status for achieving a 10-percent increase in membership for three years in succession and for retaining its 5-Star status three straight years.

The Pinnacle Award goes to students in various study areas.

Faculty members nominate those students.

Pinnacle Award winners for 2007-2008 include: Jean A. Amico, Patricia A. Berumen, Cynthia L. Brown, Elijah E. Brown, Theresa C. Bumbalough, Sdora P. Burke, Lori L. Clary, Clinton T. Tolbert, Candie R. Cuneo, David B. Duke, Helen M. Frank, Amy L. Gehl and Denise Heiselman.

Also, Cassi E. Henderson, Brenda J. Hucker, Sean P. L'Huillier, Eirena Llewellyn-Crow, Demetra G. Louridas, Kimberly A. McDade, Kristi L. Naylor, Laura A. Pappas, Saahil S. Patel, Elizabeth Penko, Ronald E. Poe, Raymond J. Poulin, Brian Stricklin, Heather Temple, Kay Lynn Trybus and Michelle M. Wells.

Students receiving awards for outstanding work in Distance Education (Internet) pre-college studies include: David L. Hatcher, Stephen L. Holley and Cynthia K. Pierce in business; Gregory A. Winstanley in calculus and trigonometry; Laurie A. Cole and Bruce D. Keller in computer information systems; Kimberly A. Hogan in English; Stephanie Castillo and Michelle L. White in mathematics; James M. Poole and Ronnie L. Rogers in philosophy; and Bruce D. Keller in psychology.

The Pre-college Studies Division presented awards in two groups.

Outstanding GED National Adult Education Honor Society winners were Maria R. Bratton, Ruben Colon Jr., Thomas R. Kearin Jr. and Aleshia C. Reynolds.

Outstanding students in adult basic education were Stephanie A. Leonard, Gabriel T. Martinez, Marci L. Shephard and Jamie L. Weeks.

Winners of other Outstanding Students awards included: Edwin C. Anujulu, Evangeline High and Deborah L. Spotts in biological science; Dave C. Hobbs, Kristiea L. Jones and John E. Schneider in business; Clinton T. Colbert, Christopher I. Kett, Robin R. Lecher, Ralph R. McDade, Erica T. Roby, Larena M. Smith and Brian Stricklin in computer information systems.

Also, Emily E. Brown, Christopher M. Depoy, Deborah L. Spotts and Michelle L. White in English and communication; Jeffery S. McKowan, Paul N. Nicholson and Mark Sexton in manufacturing engineering technology; Dianna L. Dinger, Becky A. Fitchett, Meri Susan Gussin and Paula A. Moll in medical assisting.

Also, Amber D. Becker, Emily E. Brown, Rebecca E. Kay and Shannon M Rector in mathematics; and Rauchel C. Farris, Jocelyn L. Fernandez, Joey A. Joost and Kirk D. Lyman in nursing.

Awards for Outstanding Participation in various organizations went to: Lori E. Cameron, Cindy L. King and Dottie D. Carson in the Artisan Club; Rachel M. Cerney, Catherine M. Lucero and Molly M. Patterson in the ASL Flying Fingers.

Also Cindy R. Childers, Edwin C. Anujulu, Cris I. Kett, Elijah E. Brown, Emily E. Brown, Debra D. Fuller and Rebecca E. Kay in the Chi Sigma Christian Student Association; Jake McTaggart and Marty L. Rudolph in the MC4 Computer Club; Kristi D. Grasser in the Student Government Association.

Also, Kristiea L. Jones, Cathleen J. Urquhart, Catherine A. Nowicki, Eirena Llewellyn-Crow, Teresa L. Mitts, Elijah E. Brown, Susan G. Morgan, Erin E. Forbes and Deborah A. Jones in the Alpha Chi Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa; Theresa L. Mitts, Charlotte L. Jackson, Jean Arnold, Linda Kahokuolani and Lori L. Cameron in the Pottery Club; and Rauchel C. Farris, Erin E. Forbes, Jenette L. Eason and Amber D. Becker in the Science Club.