Prison, Pravada on P&Z's platter

KINGMAN - Representatives of Rhodes Homes will go before the Mohave County Planning and Zoning Commission for the third time on Wednesday, when the contractor will again seek approval of three requests pertaining to development of the Pravada master-planned community in Golden Valley.

These newest requests come on the heels of a workshop held April 16, where several commission members met to discuss Rhodes' development agreement and specific zoning plan, as well as the area's water supply. With aid from the director of Water Management from the Arizona Department of Water Resources, the commissioners agreed there was a sufficient water source for the community.

Rhodes' requests include minor amendments to the Mohave County General Plan and the Golden Valley South Area Plan, as well as the adoption of a specific zoning plan in southwest Golden Valley. With the public free to speak on Pravada's future, the proceedings are expected to be lengthy, with commissioners hoping to spend at least four hours discussing Rhodes alone.

But Pravada is by no means the only contentious item on Wednesday's agenda.

KTH Consulting is making two requests on behalf of Leonard, Lori and Susan Mardian, the managers of Gateway Lots LLC. KTH is requesting a minor amendment to the Mohave County General Plan with an accompanying rezone of land in the Dolan Springs area to the west of US Highway 93 between Fifth and Seventh streets.

The proposal would rezone the land from A-R/36A (Agricultural-Residential/Thirty-six Acre Minimum Lot Size) to M (General Manufacturing), to be used for a future correctional facility and assorted heavy construction yard uses. This follows an earlier attempt made by Corrections Corporation of America to build a prison, also in Dolan Springs, on the opposite side of U.S. 93 - a request which was unanimously shot down by the Board of Supervisors in their Feb. 19 meeting.

Also included on Wednesday's agenda are a request by Mohave County Planning and Zoning to approve the proposed boundary for the U.S. 93 Corridor Area Plan. The proposed boundary extends from Lake Mead National Recreation Area to the city of Kingman's west corporate boundary, and from Kingman's east corporate boundary to the Yavapai County line. Commissioners will also consider a trio of requests intended to create a new subdivision located east of Highway 66 and north of the Kingman Airport.

The meeting begins at 10 a.m. in the County Administration Building, 700 W. Beale St.