Letter: Thank goodness for RAID

The Airway/Castlerock area residents have been clear that we would welcome a shopping mall on the Short/Bowers property. A strip mall already appears as a very small fraction of the Short/Bowers proposed plan, which is available for your viewing at City Hall. We want C-1 zoning, which would allow a strip mall and various businesses, such as coffee shops, florist shops, banks, medical offices, real estate companies, etc.

The developer-owners will not state why they need a change to C-2 zoning. But they have implied selling it for unknown use. The area citizens do not want the property changed to C-2 zoning because it is not appropriate for a quiet residential area. We do not want 16-wheelers rumbling all night to a filling station, nor a siren ambulance service, nor a tattoo parlor - all excluded from C-1 zoning but allowed by C-2 zoning. I do not want them across the street from me, and neither would you.

God Bless Residents Against Irresponsible Development for looking out for the neighborhood, because without them, the Council would rubber stamp everything that developers ask for.

Laura Cox