Letter: Obama has contempt for America

Well, hopefully, we are all happy; a good laugh was had, re: "Lies about Obama made him laugh" (Oct. 26).But is it necessary that a response be so nasty?

Mature individuals should be able to express opinion or disagreement with someone else's beliefs without resorting to such snide, rancorous invective (it is said that's what liberals always do). The writer could benefit from a course in journalistic etiquette.

It is additionally disappointing that the Miner's editorial staff wouldn't refuse to print submissions that convey such derision. Ironically, the writer's diatribe is printed just opposite the editor's column, where he applauds the staff for numerous recent awards for Excellence in Journalism and for "Editorial Excellence" (emphasis added). In Peanuts in the same edition, it couldn't be ignored that Lucy's aggravation and demeanor in her tirade must have been the same look as that of the writer of that spiteful piece.

Nevertheless, despite Obama's eloquent rhetoric, despite his platitudes, despite the adoring throngs, those "votes" are policies he has promoted or supported in his short, unremarkable career. His autobiographic "Dreams," his association with unscrupulous people and organizations (ACORN), his alignment with radicals and role models Malcolm X, W.E.B. DuBois, James Cone, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, Bill Ayers, et al., and his far-left voting record (or his "present" votes or his many missed votes) is evidence of his far left ideology and his true contempt for America.

Dennis Mitchell

Valle Vista