Letter: Rantings from a conservative

Here we are in the middle of a democratic anomaly - a peaceful revolution called the Presidential Elections of 2008. In the seemingly overwhelming mountain of biased media blitzing, the lines of choice are fuzzy - or are they?

Study the propositions carefully. Finally, select the candidate of your choice for each of the contesting seats. The propositions are easy; they are yes or no measures. But, use your proposition choices to guide your choice of candidates. Remember, too, that in all cases, none of us vote for any particular candidate but for a party platform position. This is true even at the presidential level.

In all cases, in spite of the negative campaigning, no office should be decided as a high school popularity contest; the continued slide of the Dumbing Down of America. In all cases, we vote for the future of the office. What the winner inherits is the debacle of the predecessor.

But, in the case of the president, our vote does much more. With all the pleasantries aside, the president should be a leader, competent in foreign affairs and worthy to be commander-in-chief, and above all an American-born loyal citizen. Beyond that, when we vote for president, we are ultimately voting for U.S. Supreme Court justices. Review recent history; the legacy of any president lies in the justices he appointed. Whether he be conservative or liberal, the slant of the U.S. Supreme Court will reflect his political persuasion for the next 20 years. The choice is ours: liberal justices who will endeavor to legislate from the benches of justice across America down to the justice of the peace, or conservative justices who will support and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign and especially domestic.

Beyond voting for justices, remember, the presidential race is not a high school popularity contest. No matter how eloquent a speech-giver either is, or how versed either is in domestic and foreign affairs, or even their choice of running mate, no one becomes a party's candidate unless and until he or she subscribes to the party platform and agenda.

On a very personal note, I am pro-life and would applaud the overturning of the Supreme Court legislative dictum concerning abortion on demand; however, in an economy, as demonstrated over the past few weeks, that is steeped in selfish greed and avarice, supply is designed not to keep up with demand. War, like Vietnam, is necessary to keep the economy in check, by reducing the demand for goods and services. This is an historical fact; consider all the wars this world has suffered, from Cain and Abel to the most insidious war being waged all across America and around the world - abortion on demand.

I challenge and caution everyone who believes in the sanctity of life, choose very wisely. As we continue to live by this Babylonian economic system, how will we meet the demands of 4,000 new people born into the world every day in this country alone? God's mighty hand of grace has kept the Iraqi war death toll to a bare minimum, saying, "I will not allow the killing of any more than you are killing now in the womb!"

And finally, we must fight the war on terror on foreign soil. If not, we will be fighting the war here on our soil. That prospect sends chills down my back. Consider the infrastructure of our medical community. Just here in Kingman would be rendered wrecked by reason of collateral casualties. The backbone of our local towns across America, the hospitality industry, would be broken as would a large segment of our long-haul transportation industry.

We must remain vigilant and aware to prevent skirmishes eluding to 9-11 and at the same time preventing the profiling of good and respectable men, women and children earning their way in this great country, acquiring the American Dream.

Carl A. Bohn