Letter: McCain is out of touch with voters

With only two days till election, I am amazed there are undecided voters. I am surprised how many middle-class citizens are bamboozled by McCain, that he would be good for them?

John McCain is no friend to the working class. He would continue the policies that lead to job loss, huge deficits and inflation. He would continue to work for big oil and insurance and pharmaceutical companies to insure their huge profits.

Among many votes McCain cast at the expense of everyday working Americans are:

• Voted to eliminate overtime pay for 8 million workers.

• Voted to allow companies to cut and eliminate pensions for long-term employees.

• Voted to weaken Occupational Safety and Health Administration workplace regulations designed to prevent injuries on the job.

McCain is out of touch with concerns of ordinary working people. It is clear from his anti-union, anti-worker agenda.

His record speaks louder than words and shows what he thinks of unions, workers forced out on strike, workers who want to organize and collective bargaining rights. His votes include:

•Voted against the Employment Free Choice Act, June 27, 2007, against granting collective bargaining rights for the TSA screeners on March 7, 2007, and against granting collective bargaining for state and local police and firefighters on Nov. 6, 2001.

• Voted for a National-Right-To-Work (for less) Act on July 13, 2004.

•Voted to allow employers to hire permanent replacement workers during a strike on July 13, 1994, the year Teamsters were on strike for a month.

McCain has had government health care most of his life, but he does not want you to have it. His health care plan would leave families at the mercy of big insurance companies. Worse, he would tax your health benefits and motivate employers to eliminate benefits.

McCain is the staunchest advocate of free trade in the U.S. Senate, which has hurt and crippled American workers. He voted for every disastrous free-trade agreement since he North American Free Trade Agreement.

He strongly supports free trade with Columbia. He's a leader in the effort to open the border to dangerous trucks from Mexico.

His current campaign is essentially run with lobbyists with close ties to big oil, Fannie Mae, UBS, Blackwater and Fed-Ex.

No, this is McCain, not Bush. McCain voted to give tax breaks to companies that send American jobs overseas. How does he plan to rebuild America?

What really concerns me about McCain is that he will continue George Bush's failed economic policies. Again and again, he has sided with corporate special interests, instead of the middle class.

So why, if elected president, would he suddenly care about us? Would he be different? Afraid not, my friend. Be sure to vote!

Nancy Wright