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11:25 AM Thu, Dec. 13th

Please tell me this, what is the job of Animal Control in the New Kingman Area?

If you pay attention while traveling on Northern Avenue or Butler Avenue on any given day or night, you will see dogs just wandering around as if they own the streets.These dogs chase cars, people walking down the street or riding bikes or other dogs on leashes,it doesn't matter, be it adult or child. At night, these dogs will run out in front of vehicles and attempt to bite at the tires. Where pray tell are the animal control officers?

I see the vans going down the streets, but I never see them stop to pick up these animals. I own dogs and my dogs are constantly being harassed by these wandering uncontrolled dogs. These dogs have even gotten in fights with my dogs through my dog's fence. I had called Animal Control several times. They were even nice enough to loan us a dog trap once. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than doing another person's job for free.

Animal Control officers in this area know who these dogs belong to. I know because they have been told, however, they seem to like turning a blind eye to the issue. I have seen these dogs inside the yards of these people many times. If they didn't belong to them, then how is it that these dogs are being allowed by these people to lounge in their yards when they aren't running the streets and behind closed gates?

Animal Control officers have in the past gone to each of the residences and asked the owners if these stray dogs were theirs, and each of them denied ownership of the dogs. They have even told the officers the dogs belong to the neighbors next door. It seems to me that if no one wants to claim these dogs when and if Animal Control should show up then haul them off to the pound, don't just shrug your shoulders and walk away when you can't determine who the owners are! Test them for possible adoption and adopt them to responsible pet owners that will see to the safety of them and the people in the neighborhood. The local stores and restaurant employees have taken pity on these dogs and have been feeding them for at least a year now. I think that these dogs get the majority of their food from them. I guess it is easier to turn your heads the other way and act like you don't see them then to actually stop and do the job that they are getting paid to do.

I have seen the vans just drive past several dogs packed together wandering down the street not even hitting the brake pedal to slow down. Aw shoot, is Animal Control doing any hiring? I could be happy doing a leisure job like that. I would love to get paid to sit on my buttocks and drive around town doing nothing.

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