Letter: Cab driver in Kingman was rude

I recently had the misfortune of breaking down in my semi and I had to have it repaired. In doing this, I had to depend on local cab companies to run me around. I just thought you might like to know that the older gentleman who drove a car on Oct. 25 was probably the rudest person I have come across in years, and believe me, I have met many! He acted like he was doing me a favor by picking me up. He was very sarcastic, making comments like, "You're lucky I came to get you."

First of all, I do believe we are in a recession. Everyone is feeling the crunch, and people who are employed should be happy that they are. There are numerous people who would be happy to be working. I cannot believe the rude attitude this man displayed. I work for a large company that comes through Kingman regularly, and I have already informed my supervisors of your cab company name so we will not be using you again.

I don't know if you are aware of this person's behavior, but now you are. He may even be the owner for all I know, as he answered my call when I made it and was rude then. That was the red flag I should have heeded. I like the city of Kingman. There are many nice people in the restaurants. I ate in JB's, and I stayed at Best Western Kings Inn. But you can be sure I will rent a car or try another cab company. I won't use the one with the city name on it.

Daniel F. Young

Ogden, Utah