Letter: Alumni emotional about name

The renaming of White Cliffs Middle School, aka Kingman High School South Campus, aka Kingman High School, aka Mohave County Union High School (MCUHS) on Grandview in downtown has turned into such an emotional issue for almost every alumnus I have spoken to.

This community still has a large percentage of MCUHS/KHS graduates from the downtown campus who are business owners, members of the Chamber of Commerce, retirees, etc., who are horrified to know we may lose our roots and identity.

I am a KHS graduate from the Class of 1971. I was fortunate to attend Mohave County Union High School my first two years with the Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City students. In 1970, our name was changed to Kingman High School, for LHC and BHC built new high schools. With 1970 being the first KHS graduating class, 1971 was the second. The Boys and Girls Club was our girl's gym and Dick Grounds field housed our "old building" which burned to the ground in early 1970s. Lee Williams was our principal, who died in the 1973 Doxol explosion. Both names still live on.

If you have ever walked the halls or attended classes at the Grandview location, you almost always felt the presence of past students. Remember MCUHS dates back to the 1930s or 1920s. Their group class photos which are in the WCMS auditorium, hung in the hallways for decades - generation after generation.

It is unimaginable the history, tradition and school spirit imbedded in the walls of the downtown school. I remember the Bulldog emblem on the floor donated by the Class of 1967 as so treasured that, if stepped on, you'd find yourself in the garbage can.

My late sister, Becky, graduated with the class of 1967. It does not matter where you went to high school or college, with a size of 100 or 100,000 students, each school has traditions that should be respected.

I attended school board meetings when this issue became a very sensitive matter. I respect KHS Principal Pat Mikelson's argument that her current students have voiced their opinion that KHS's name should stay on Bank Street. They have a valid argument. If my calculation is correct, isn't White Cliffs Middle School on Grandview in their third year at the present location? That would mean the KHS Senior class of 2009 was at the Grandview KHS South Campus their freshman year? The KHS Class of 2009 must know the feeling and pride walking the downtown campus.

When attending a KHS Homecoming game, you can definitely spot MCUHS students because we stand proudly and sing the KHS song: "Sing for Kingman High School, raise the standards high. See the blue and the gold float against the sky. Fight, fight, fight! Loyal lads and lassies, never let your colors fall. Kingman High forever and over all!"

This is such a serious decision for our school board members. The board was setting up an emergency meeting the first week in November to accommodate both sides. Please let them know how you feel. Let this issue not be about money, but about history and past tradition. Why can't we meet half way?

Why can't KHS's name stay on Bank Street and the downtown campus go back to MCUHS - mucus is what we called it. Instead of Mohave County Union High School, change it to MCUHS-Mohave County United High School, because most graduates live in Kingman, Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City. If you have roots in Kingman, let our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents be proud of the campus on Grandview. That was the first KHS and the longest.

Pat Mullen (Saturnino)