Letter: Obama is almost super-human

I read your Sunday editorial "Its Always Been About Hope" today and I'm proud of you!

Not that you voted for Obama - a few others have also, as did I, and as you know, to little avail here in Arizona - but rather because you recognized that the only hope we have as a nation we respect is through the inspirational language of the man with a vision of hope - the man who called himself a "mutt" from Hawaii.

I appreciate your editorial because as the editor of Kingman's only source of local communication, you've taken the risk of alienating powerful interests who most likely did not vote for Obama, but who do advertise in your paper.

I commend you for the risk you took despite your not being a Democrat or even a "progressive." You could very easily have sided with the conservative business majority of Kingman, and no one would have thought less of you.

You're right: John McCain is not a bad man, one who should not be disliked. He is a decent man, but he simply does not have the political nor intellectual genius to be president of the United States at this time.

The majority of American people sensed this and voted against him.

Our history is filled with mediocre presidents from all parties, who marked time with little to do other than make things worse. Most others did pretty much what any of us could have done under the circumstances.

However, it seems that our nation has always had the wonderful luck that whenever we have been in serious trouble, someone has always come along to have us.

I think we can all name these visionaries, such as Washington, Jefferson, Jackson - in his own way, Lincoln, FDR and Johnson.

It is almost like someone has bestowed upon us a super-human being whenever we need one the most!

So, what is it that we need the most now which deserves such a being?

Is it the wars we are fighting against terrorism? No. Personally, I think we already have the mettle to end those wars without much more effort.

Is it the economy? No. I think we have to pay a huge price for the rampant political deregulation of greed started by Reagan and carried forward by other administrations.

We deserve what we get, and hopefully will re-establish a more controlled capitalistic system of level playing fields for everyone.

Is it gay marriage? Or abortion? Or prayer in school? Or perhaps a state religion? Or, finally, enact the ERA?

No! All of these choices are the normal evolution of a society towards its ultimate Nirvana.

I think you know the answer before I say it.

Ask yourself why a man, half black and half white, has been elected president of the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America - the last major nation in the world to have encouraged slavery?

Bear in mind that an awful lot of Obama's supporters included white kids barely old enough to vote; old white veterans of the wars, like me; along with a majority of our women. We were inspired!

Included, of course, were majorities of every ethnic group in our nation who have yearned for equality based upon ability all of their lives!

Ask yourself why the rest of the world, which perhaps unwisely places our nation on such a high pedestal, cheered so vigorously and universally upon the news of his election!

Was it because they hated McCain? No, not at all!

It was because the rest of the world heard Barack Obama's sermons on human survival, which transcend race, religion and politics.

We all fervently HOPE that he will be able to save us from whom else?... Ourselves!

Thank you, Mark, for the best editorial you've ever written!

Al Gleason