Column: It's time to recommit yourself

A friend of mine came into my office recently and asked me about my diet. He said he was gaining and carrying way too much weight - he wanted to know how Wendy and I have been controlling our eating habits and staying slim.

It is obvious to me that he is displeased with where he's been in his eating life and wants to recommit himself to another way of living. He wants better things in life - he wants better health!

Most people I meet are concerned about where they have been and where they are headed as well. Some of us are quite introspective, reviewing the previous year and asking questions, while others are very overt in setting and implementing our "New Plan."

Someone said to me recently, "For me to recommit myself to a brand new direction, I must first look seriously at where I am, and where I've been!" My friend went on to tell me that he felt a need to look closely at his life and determine where he had made bad choices, how things had worked well, and also at what things he was displeased with, be they behaviors or previous commitments he had made, or relationships with other things/people in his life.

Another person said he was ready to look to the future unafraid and didn't really care much about the past. Both have their own style of entering into a new chapter in their life.

Finally, I invite you, in whatever way works for you, to recommit yourself to more hope and less fear, more promise and less apathy, more life and less regret in your future.

And if God is important to you, I urge you to recommit yourself to Him, and trust that He will be by your side.