Letter: No response on stalker alert

On Sept. 4, I made a call to the Sheriff's Office concerning a man sitting for three days in a row by a school bus pick-up/drop-off corner near Agua Fria Drive and U.S. 93. I asked the man what he was doing and he said "reading the paper." I thought that peculiar, since he lived very close by.

I called and gave the dispatcher the license plate number and description of the car, and she told me a deputy would contact me. The deputy called and said he would check it out and call me back. The deputy never called back, even after I left messages for several days, trying to reach him.

On Sept. 9, he finally called while I stepped out to get the mail and missed me. I returned the call within three minutes and - big surprise - he was not available.

I contacted the school district and let them know there was a possible stalker and that they should be on the lookout for any strange vehicles waiting in that area.

One neighbor thanked me for contacting the police, since the person in question had been making it very uncomfortable for her children to play outside in that area because he stares at them.

I always thought it was a priority when children may be in danger, real or just a suspicion. I am very disappointed in the Sheriff's Office's lack of concern for our children.

At least the school district took it seriously enough to contact the bus drivers in that area to be aware of the possible danger.

Today is Sept. 21 and I have still not received a call back from that deputy or anyone else, including his supervisor. I spoke with him at one point.

It is a sad day when our children's safety is not a top priority for the Mohave County Sheriff's Department.

I am not the only one who called about this situation, and they never got any response either.

Linda Wakefield

Golden Valley