October Growing Tips

• Fall has arrived and what a better time to correct any soil deficiencies you have noticed. Healthy soil is crucial to healthy plants. Why not start a compost bin. Pallets, chicken wire, old boards or any type of wire can be used to make a three-sided bin. Gather up those leaves left over and household scraps and compost them. Add a little nitrogen, water and soil sulfur, stir and water monthly, and by spring you will have some rich soil. Or, if you have raised beds or containers, remove the top four or five inches and during the winter add all the organic waste from your kitchen.

• If you have unripe tomatoes still on the vine and frost arrives, pull out the vine by the roots and hang them upside down in a cool dark place. They will ripen. Now that you have an unused tomato cage, use it to protect other perennials. Simply put the cage over your plant and cover with a burlap bag.

• This is a great time to plant trees and shrubs. The cooler temperature allows them to establish strong root systems before the heat arrives.