Hard work for Homecoming pays off at Kingman High

Kingman High School Student Council successfully put on Homecoming Week recently.

We planned out every day as a spirit day: Monday was Decade Day; Tuesday was "When I Grow Up ..." Day; Wednesday was Famous Combinations Day; Thursday was Luau Day; and Friday, as always, was Blue and Gold Spirit Day.

There was a large amount of participation this year in all spirit days, as we encouraged students to go all out and show their support for the school's football team. Homecoming Court was announced at the Homecoming Week Pep Rally, hosted by KHS Guide Dawgs, sponsor Jennifer Jackson. Homecoming Queen was Stephanie Reinoso, and Homecoming King was Andrew Thibodeau.

Unfortunately, on Oct. 9, the night of the Homecoming Bonfire, weather conditions were too windy, causing the fire not to be lit, but Student Council made up for it with fun activities and games for everyone to participate in, including blending milk shakes and McDonald's Happy Meals and feeding them to those on Homecoming Court to see who could finish first as a competition.

The Homecoming game was a success, as many students, (even alumni) dressed in their blue and gold and yellow to support their Kingman High Bulldogs. Though we lost the game, the support in the crowd was unbelievable.

The Homecoming dance was a huge success, taking many weeks to plan and prepare and two days of hard labor from KHS Student Council to decorate the gym. The dance's theme was "A Touch a Class," and many students did their best to dress up their classiest.

Student Council's next big project is to start the canned food drive for the less fortunate in Kingman and start gathering soldier boxes to send to our soldiers fighting the war overseas.