Letter: I need your vote on Nov. 4

I would like to personally introduce myself. My name is Mike Collins, and I am running for a position on the NACFD No. 1 Fire Board.

I was born and raised here in Kingman, and I was a volunteer firefighter with Hualapai Fire Department (currently NACFD No. 1) before being hired on by the city of Kingman Fire Department. Overall, I spent two years as a volunteer and two and a half years as a full-time firefighter.

About three years ago, I resigned from Kingman Fire Department to pursue my dreams of owning my own business.

Currently, I own two successful businesses. I have trained and worked as a fireman and also as a businessman. I believe that with my experience and knowledge, I have a lot to offer to the NACFD board.

I am concerned for the safety of my family with the current administration. High turnover, turmoil and lawsuits have plagued NACFD for the last four years. My goal, if elected, is not to raise taxes but to provide the best possible service consisting of better customer service, lower turnover rate and wiser spending of funds.

On Nov. 4, please support change by voting for Mike Collins, Jim Bailey and Erik Berg.

Mike Collins