Letter: McCain more qualified to run country

I am a Democrat but vote for the person I consider most qualified. There is an old adage, you are judged by the company your keep. Senator Obama is associated with many questionable people: a bomber, Ayers, whose book advocates killing your parents and whoever else you do not like; the Rev. Wright, his personal minister; Acorn, who registers the same people numerous times, some Dallas Cowboys, dead people and a cat named Stuart.

To me this does not speak well for him. He compares himself to Abraham Lincoln. Do you think Honest Abe would spend $90 million advertising and promoting himself to the American people? If he was a sincere person, he would have spent it on helping American people or earmark it for his health-care giveaway programs he is always promoting.

The Republican candidate John McCain has been compared to President Bush, which does him an injustice as a person. He is a veteran and has served his country the best he can. His knowledge of the world and events I feel makes him the most qualified person.

Helen Graves