Letter: Prop. 202's wording is deceptive

This is in response to Allan Gleason's letter published in the Oct. 28 Miner. I've attended several forums discussing the propositions on the Nov. 4 ballot. I disagree in several areas on his view that "we should simply vote No" on all propositions except Proposition 202. However, my response today specifically relates to Proposition 202 titled, "Stop Illegal Hiring." This proposition is deceptive in the way it was written to lead the reader to believe it's anti-illegal immigration, while it is exactly the opposite.

First off, passage of Proposition 202 would abolish the use of E-Verify, which helps employers hire legal employees and is 99.7 percent accurate. Second, it requires Arizona to wait until the federal government has taken action against an employer before the state takes action. Third, it exempts thousands of Arizona employers from the employer sanctions law by taking articles of incorporation and LLC registration out of the definition of "license." Fourth, it requires all complaints regarding employer violations of the law to be written and signed. This would stop employees from reporting violations; anonymous tips are effective tools used in law enforcement. Fifth, it imposes an impossible standard of proof - high level managers who are not officers or owners could hire illegal aliens with impunity and would not face any enforcement.

Therefore, I urge voters to vote No on Proposition 202.

Jo Ann Oxsen