Doctor's case will not go back to grand jury

KINGMAN - The case against a Kingman doctor accused of 32 counts of sexual abuse and aggravated assault will not return to a grand jury.

Commissioner Lee Jantzen denied a motion by Dr. Ilangovan Govindarajan's attorneys to dismiss the indictments or remand the case back to a grand jury in a written ruling on Aug. 29.

Govindarajan's attorneys argued last month that the doctor was not given a fair and impartial grand jury. His attorneys said that the County Attorney's Office should have waited and presented all the evidence in one grand jury hearing instead of two. They also argued that the use of initials instead of the accusers' names in the indictment prevented the grand jury from determining whether or not the accusers had some sort of bias against Govindarajan.

His attorneys also said that information presented by the county attorney about whether Govindarajan or any of his alleged victims were married or had boyfriends was prejudicial.

They also argued that the county attorney interfered with the grand jury's right to inquire when the deputy county attorney stopped a witness from answering a grand jurors question about Kingman Regional Medical Center's policy for reporting abuse.

In his written ruling, Jantzen stated they could have waited and presented all the evidence to the grand jury at one time, however, the fact that the CAO didn't did not prejudice the grand jury.

Jantzen also stated that the use of initials for the accusers in the indictment and during grand jury testimony was not unusual and did not prevent the jury from ruling on the evidence.

And, the deputy county attorney did not create prejudice when he stopped a witness from answering a question from a grand jury member.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for Sept. 15.