Letter: Mail service delivers a shock

I got quite a shock today. Last Friday, as is my customary monthly procedure, I sent out my batch of bills. I went to the Hualapai Post Office satellite and popped the envelopes in the mailbox. Today, I got the entire batch back as undeliverable.

At first I was dumbfounded, then I became downright angry. I realized that all these addresses were correct and someone, besides me, had made a mistake. I drove over to my postal branch and was told that the entire batch of mail for that day from the Hualapai Post Office had been sent to Las Vegas and a postal employee had dumped it all into "A Return To Sender" bin. Consequently all that mail was returned to Kingman and back to the senders.

Some individuals were most upset as this meant that they would be paying "late fee" charges.

Now, we were supposed to be convinced that the "most efficient" way to handle our mail was to send it to Las Vegas and let their "efficient operation" handle it!

I would like to make it completely clear that I think the Hualapai Post Office is one great place and the individuals there are "tops." And I would like them in charge of what is the best way to make sure our mail is properly handled. Obviously, what is happening now is not "great"!

As of right now, I think the USPS owes me $1.72 for the bills I sent through them and had to hand deliver. I will throw in the gasoline I used delivering them.

I also think The Kingman Daily Miner needs to champion better service for all of us and our government services. We need you.

Audrey J. Moore