Letter: Obama a danger to freedom

A vote for Obama is a vote for a dangerous course for America. A vote for Obama is a vote for:

• Immediate surrender in Iraq.

• Retreat in the war against radical terrorists.

• Appeasement with nuclear perils Iran and North Korea.

• Relinquishing American sovereignty and freedom to the United Nations.

• Hundreds of billions in American tax dollars for the United Nations.

• Unlimited amnesty for illegal aliens.

• Wide-open borders through which many millions more will invade.

• Unbelievably higher taxes for every American.

• Oppressive, costly environmental regulations.

• Severe gun ownership restriction or prohibition.

• Immense increases in politico-centric entitlements, paid for by taxpayers.

• Abortion at any stage, even post-natal, paid for by taxpayers.

• Nominating activist Supreme Court justices.

Check the record. These are the policies Barack Hussein Obama has promoted or supported in his very short, vacuous, undistinguished political career.

In the world theatre, Obama is untried, untested and unproven, and the presidency of the United States of America is not the place to be getting on-the-job training. With Democrat Harry Reid directing the Senate and Democrat Nancy Pelosi leading the House, a vote for Democrat Barack Obama in the presidency will place absolute control of the government of the United States of America in these radical leftists' hands.

Dennis Mitchell

Valle Vista